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Overall I am super satisfied with Kak Noor’s service & skill. The 5-day Prenatal Treatment package was really soothing & resolved my muscle tension and back pain during my pregnancy. Thanks for the great service and I will definitely recommend to my friends!


Tried their 14-day postnatal massage treatment and it was totally worth it! After giving birth to my first child, I was experiencing insomnia and rapid mood swings. However, after the treatment, I began feeling more energetic and my emotions were more stable! Many thanks to Bidan Sue for the wonderful experience!


Me & my husband have been trying hard to have a baby for the past 5-6 years but there was no result at all. My friend recommended me to try the fertility treatment by Tradisi Bidan House to help me easier to get pregnant. Treatment was comfortable and overall experience is great! Ever since the treatment, I now have 2 lovely children and it is  a dream come true for me. Thank you Tradisi Bidan House!

Ms Ng

As a working mom, I always feel exhausted having to gain work life balance and take care of my children after work. Due to long hours of work & stress, I was suffering from unbearable back pain. After engaging Bidan Ita for relaxing massage, I feel more energetic everyday and my back does not hurt anymore! Will definitely go back often for the comfortable massage. 

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