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Tradisi Bidan House’s founder herself was a beneficiary of the traditional Malay prenatal & postnatal treatment when she was pregnant previously. With maximum satisfaction, she realized that this is a treatment all women would require, and many women still neglect the root causes of women’s diseases & discomforts that appear during & after pregnancy. Furthermore, with the rise of working women in the workforce, these women are lacking of time to take care of themselves during their postpartum period. 

With the aim of helping women to live a better livelihood, she decided to establish Tradisi Bidan House, a traditional Malay postnatal care & wellness solutions, and devoted herself into this journey of helping women to regain health & vitality. 

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To establish ourselves as the most influential platform for Bidans & women wellness internationally. 


To promote and preserve women wellness by providing professional massage services and high quality wellness products. 

What Is A Bidan?

The term “Bidan” is originated from the Indonesian language, which means “midwife” in English. A bidan is a health professional who cares for mothers and newborns around childbirth. This care includes preventative measures, the promotion of normal birth, the detection of complications in mother and child during pregnancy, the accessing of medical care and the carrying out of emergency measures.

Bidans also have an important task in health counselling and education for women and their family. This work involves the preparation for parenthood and may extend to the pregnant women’s health, sexual or reproductive health, and child care.

Our bidans at Tradisi Bidan House not only possess the skills above, but all of them are specially trained and have SKM3 certificates from JPK Malaysia

Our Bidans

Introducing one of the most important figures of company: our bidans. They are all well known for their professional & friendly character and their extensive knowledge, skills and techniques. 

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