Return & Cancellation Policy

We do not accept returns for any products apart from Manufacturing Defect or Damage during transportation. If there is any defect you need to inform us by sending an email or calling our call-center within 24 hours of receiving & accepting the product.

We believe in complete customer satisfaction, and any product which you have received in a damaged condition due to transportation or manufacturing defect can be replaced. Any replacement requests will be carefully considered by our customer service team. 

To further expedite your return process you can contact us by calling us at +60189891339 or by emailing us at


Return Policy


How long will the return process take?

Once your return request has been placed with Customer Service, please appoint a chosen courier service to deliver the defect products to us for a product inspection. Delivery time would depend on your chosen courier service.  Once the item is received in our warehouse, it undergoes a Product Inspection which takes about 2 days. Typically the replacement products will be arranged for delivery within 7 days after product inspection. 


How do I return a product?

If for any of our mistakes the product has to be returned (like damaged in transportation or manufacturing defect) please initiate a support ticket by calling us at +60189891339 or by emailing us at 


Where do I return the product?

If for any other exceptional reason a return request is accepted you will have to send the product to :-

TBH Marketing 

Returns Department


Phone Number: +60189891339


Refund Policy

There will be no refund for any of our products. We will only provide product replacement for any of our mistakes on the product (like damage in transportation or manufacturing defect).


Cancellation Policy

There will be no order cancellation allowed. 




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